Actors and productions need a place to meet. 

Our 20-year long career as an actor and an advertising expert, respectively, has shown us that there is no place in Hungary where actors looking for a job can get in touch directly with productions that are hiring. The main goal of Szabadszínész is to build a market place for actors and productions.

This is why we started developing Szabadszínész. 

Thanks to the capital investment of Hiventures, we are building Hungary’s first recruitment site where actors, regardless of their connections or geographical location, can receive casting calls for film, advertising or theatre. 

As more and more films are made in Hungary, we have extended the database to include amateur actors too. 

The following creators, directors, producers worked with us: János Lakatos, Mirtill Andella, Lili Laura Tóth. Dániel Dicső, Richárd Kassai, Balázs Dudás, Péter Novák, Balázs Juszt, Levente Török, Tamás Somlai.

Why is it worth to subscribe to Szabadszínész?

Szabadszínész - due to the pandemic situation - made the registration free of charge for producers. The ones, who are looking for actors can search among more than 1000 Hungarian and almost 300 Romanian actors.

We have the most important producers and creators.

The registration of actors are free, but with Szabadszínész subscription:

  • you can apply to unlimited number of castings,
  • you can upload more pictures and videos of yourself,
  • you can send you profile to anybody.

Why is it worth it to look for actors on Szabadszínész?

  • It is not possible to appear in the search without the right photos and videos. You will for sure see how your candidate looks like!
  • A detailed page is completed by each actor.
  • You can also choose from Amateur, Professional, Student and Junior categories!
  • Our professional actors are professionals, really. They can only receive this classification after a thorough approval.
  • Do matter: time spent in the industry, education and the roles played in the last three years
  • With the help of our detailed and easy-to-use Actor Finder you can search for even the smallest parameters!
  • Once you find your candidate, you can contact them directly and it is your turn!
Tamás Lengyel

Tamás Lengyel


  • Tamás is a Mari Jászai award-winning actor. His almost 20-year long acting career is filled with memorable stage and film roles. 
  • His most well-known works include: Kossuthkifli, Fapad, Munkaügyek, Válótársak, Búék, Mi kis falunk.
Csaba Gosztonyi

Csaba Gosztonyi


  • Csaba is an amateur actor. He has appeared on stage, in films and in TV shows since  2007, but is still primarily known as an advertising expert. He has been producing communication campaigns for 20 years.
  • He is a member of the Hungarian Advertising Self-Regulation Board, and of the expert councils of Superbrands and MagyarBrands. He has also been awarded membership in the Golden Drum Hall of Fame.